Chicken Curry Cut

Chicken Curry Cut

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The “chicken curry” is a common delicacy in various parts of India and has a large amount of regional variation. A staple Indian food and a common favorite with Indian non-veg eaters. Indian chicken curry typically starts with whole spices, heated in oil. A sauce is then made with onions, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes, and powdered spices. Bone-in pieces of chicken are then added to the sauce and simmered until cooked through.Chicken curry is usually garnished with coriander leaves and served with rice or roti. Chicken curry cut is very tender, delightful and is absolutely lip-smacking.


Our chicken curry pieces pack is specially cut in a way for the preparations of curries, it is without chicken skin and hence with reduced (low) fat content. Chicken has often been a common source of protein in the evolving Indian meals and also fits a range of common diets.

We support multiple sizes of cuts and the number of pieces based on the type will vary as follows


18/20 /kg


15/16 /kg


12/13 /kg


Dining / Cuisines applicability

For the formal dining room table, these soft chunks can suit your quest for Indian dishes likes butter chicken, chicken masala, chicken dahiwala, Chettinad chicken curry and so on.



All values with respect to 100 g of cooked chicken curry.





6.67 g


4.74 g


11.47 g




NOTE: Directional numbers only and actual calories will vary based on your actual preparation & ingredients


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