Anchovies - Cleaned - Medium

Anchovies - Cleaned - Medium

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Net Weight : 500 gms

The Net Weight of the product is after cleaning and After wastage. We charge only for Net Weight
The product is processed with state of the art cold chain technology to maintain the highest quality and standards.

Also known as: Mandeli, Kati, Nethili, Thogai meen, Nethail, Nethallu, Pooroava, Kelba, Poravallu, Nethili, kozhuva, Bolingei Kollathuru
Scientific Name: Engraulidae
Similar to: Herring, Sardines
Cooking Styles: Pan fried, batter fried, roasted, baked, curries (thick gravies)

What, not tinned? No. And not salted either. Not even filleted. Er, did we mention CLEANED? A fantastic flavour experience, straight out of the sea, and not remotely like tinned anchovy fillets! Anchovies are a popular part of the cuisine in south Indian states, where they are eaten fried or in spicy curry. In North America, anchovies are often used as a pizza topping or as an optional ingredient in Caesar Salad. In Southeast Asian countries, anchovies are used to make fish stock, fish sauce and sambal and are also a popular deep fried snack. In other parts of Asia, such as Korea and Japan, sun-dried anchovies are used to produce a rich soup.

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